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Download HP Envy 5547 Driver Printer

HP Envy 5547 Printer Driver. With its Envy 5047 printer, HP offers an all-in-one printer for family use. A device that promises simplicity of use and efficiency, for the printing of "professional-quality photos and laser-quality documents". Promises held? I have gone through this model and evaluated its performance in my lab. Compared to other multifunction printers, the HP Envy 5547 printer is far from being a model of compactness, especially as it approaches 7 kg on the scale. The meter measures 45.4 x 41 x 15.6 cm at its finest, and its sheet tray is not fully retractable. Its textured coating, rather pleasing to the eye, marks slightly fingerprints, but much less than glossy shells. The finish seems qualitative, with the exception of a few squeaks when opening the ink cartridge access cover, located under the scanner. The automatic output of the tray receiving the sheets at the ignition of the machine is a good idea.

HP Envy 5547 Driver Download

I note that the paper tray, located under the device and accessible at the front, is divided into two compartments (standard sheets and photo paper). The screen of this printer Envy 5547 leaves us with a mixed impression. This LCD panel has a sufficient monochrome display and even if it is not steerable, its location on a slice of the machine, at 45°, makes it readable despite restricted viewing angles. This screen is also touch-sensitive, which is convenient. One regrets nonetheless a reduced display to a surface of 2.2 inches, while sensory buttons are located on its left side, and a WiFi connection indicator is placed on the right. A slightly larger area would have allowed to propose pictograms a little larger and to simplify the navigation in the menu. Let's acknowledge, however, that it is clear, with some welcome options, such as the availability of pre-recorded forms paper.

Download HP Envy 5547 Driver Printer

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