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Download Canon Pixma TS9055 Driver Printer

Canon Pixma TS9055 Printer Driver. In this discussion of the Canon Pixma TS9055 I will therefore take a moment to look at the direct printing of photos on the camera to a printer. This can be very useful and of added value for event photography. So at a trade fair, a company event, a children's party and even a wedding. Visitors or participants are nicely put on the picture and can immediately take home a tangible memory in the form of a high-quality photo print. That is much more fun than a digital picture on a phone and moreover, that print is placed on the cupboard or hanging on a notice board, so that you can enjoy it spontaneously any time of the day. Although the CD / DVD is slowly but increasingly becoming obsolete, there are still times when they find their application. If you want to deliver or archive such a CD / DVD neatly, you can print it directly with the Canon Pixma TS9055. If desired, with a photo. It goes without saying that you have to use special printable CD / DVDs for this. It is of course possible to print directly from a EOS camera to a PIXMA printer. In the beginning it could only be connected by a camera and printer with a cable. It always works everywhere, but hinders your freedom of movement and effectiveness as a photographer.

Canon Pixma TS9055 Driver Download

Since the introduction of wireless Wi-Fi networks that cable could be omitted and the camera and printer were connected via the general wireless Wi-Fi network. You already have a lot more degrees of freedom, but if you do not have access to the devices or a Wi-Fi network is missing, wireless printing was unfortunately not possible. The arrival of the PIXMA TS9050 now gives the ultimate wireless freedom, because this printer can set up its own Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of approximately 10 meters. Wherever you are, you connect your EOS camera (with Wi-Fi) with this printer Wi-Fi spot and you can quickly and easily print your photos (JPEG) from your EOS camera on a photo paper. How this works exactly, we show in the clip below. This Canon Pixma TS9055 is an all-rounder multifunctional with a high 'beauty' content. She is a showpiece in every interior. Once all functions have been configured you can not think of it as crazy about location or device or you can print from it. So not only via SD card or computer, but also telephone / tablet and camera and even from your social media and the cloud. If you combine that with the necessary creativity, you will get lots of jealous glances from family and friends with this printer.

Download Canon Pixma TS9055 Driver Printer

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