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Download Canon Maxify MB5450 Driver Printer

Canon Maxify MB5450 Printer Driver. The CANON MAXIFY MB5450 is designed for a small office that needs a lot of pressure, and I definitely recommend it for that purpose. In particular, for use over the network by multiple computers and, if necessary, via the cloud through mobile devices, it is very well suited. Although it can also be used as a multifunction device for the average home user, it is rather oversized for this purpose and in some places may also be somewhat cumbersome. Before I get to the details of my review, I feel obliged to mention that I got it for free for a two-week test by Media Markt. Of course, I write this review as objectively as possible, as if I had bought it myself. In addition, I have to say that I have not tested the fax module, also because I use a completely digital connection via TV cable and it would be difficult to rule out if there are any problems with the connection or the device. What are the most concise benefits? All in all, the device is a very good workhorse. The two paper cassettes each hold up to 500 standard DIN A4 pages. Of course you can also load them with smaller formats than DIN-A4. For example, you can insert the pages in one cassette and the envelopes in the other. The printing and scanning takes only a few seconds, a one-page page is done in less than 10 seconds from clicking on printing on the computer, a duplex printing of 3 pages took about 21 pages. I could not make out a special difference between black-and-white and colorful printing. The maximum capacity in a one-time extreme month, the printer is said to create up to 30,000 pages without breaking Canon. You have to change the cartridges several times, because the largest available deliver a maximum of 2,500 pages in black and white and 1,500 in color. Borderless printing is not possible, but this is very minimal.

Canon Maxify MB5450 Driver Download

The printed image is quite sharp, even with photos. Duplex not only has the printing element, but also the scanner via the automatic feeder, so that the scanning of multi-page documents is pleasantly easy. If the document is not suitable for the feeder, you can of course attach this directly to the scan area. It is also great that you do not have to start the scan process via the computer, but that the device offers a very easy-to-use menu, which you control via touch screen. For example, you can choose to save the scanned document from several target folders previously created in the configuration or send the document directly via an appropriately configured account by e-mail. Direct copying is also quite super. Since this multifunction device, although designed for a rather professional use in mass printing on ink, rather than on laser toner, it is of course also particularly suitable if it is in operation in the vicinity of people. If the device is in an apartment where you have to be careful with the noise during operation, there is an extra mode that keeps it down. This of course results in a slower work activity. And also saving energy is thought. Since one probably assumes that the device in a more professional environment either barely switched off or depends on a controlled power source, it has no real power switch. But you can control the stand-by operation very precisely. You can set certain times when the device should turn on and off. Or that it should turn on when it gets the first time a print or scan job sent from a computer and then turn off after a while of inactivity. 

Download Canon Maxify MB5450 Driver Printer