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Download Lexmark M3150 Driver Printer

Lexmark M3150 Printer Driver. Lexmark M3150 is very fast and quiet printer. The pressure could be a bit stronger, but maybe it's the sample print cartridge. Connecting the printer to the PC is easy. The on-off switch is very hard to get used to. The Lexmark M3150 printer, as usual by an online shop, delivered very fast and arrived safely at my place. Before buying I had already read through some reviews and decided between the Samsung SL-M2026 / SEE XPRESS and this printer. The decisive factor here was that the Lexmark printer has an integrated paper tray, while this is open at the Samsung. Another bonus point was the availability of XXL toner cartridges, which unfortunately only had worse ratings on the Samsung and were also more expensive. This Lexmark M3150 printer was fast connected. Just plug in power and power cord (purchased a Amazon Basics power cord at the same time as buying the printer), insert the toner cartridge and load paper, then download the driver (OS X) and it's up and running. These steps are also described in great detail on the installation instructions.

Lexmark M3150 Driver Download

If you are not an absolute PC / technology layman, you should find your way around quickly. The Lexmark M3150 printer itself takes about 5 - 7 seconds to power on after being turned on, but then prints without any interruptions and is relatively quiet, if not quiet. The print results are clean and consistent with no streaks or stains. I have not been able to carry out a long-term test yet, but I will add this to the review if necessary. I use this Lexmark M3150 printer for my student documents, which in some lectures quite on 1000S. Can sum up script / lecture. In the long run, printing at the university became too complicated for me (transporting the paper mountains home) and too expensive.

Download Lexmark M3150 Driver Printer

Download Here: