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Download TeamSpeak 3 Free

TeamSpeak 3 Free DownloadTeamSpeak is a chat program and specialize in online games, allowing players to be connected to the same team in a lot of multiplayer online games VOIP. This application is ideal for RPGs where it requires ongoing communication and coordination of certain events to be carried out in teams, such as capturing a flag. In addition to games, TeamSpeak is compatible with other applications, and can be used for several purposes; for example, to stay connected with colleagues, family or friends but, like any other chat application, voice and instant messaging.

There are several online games with own servers including installation of TeamSpeak server version, and only need each player has their client version, but you can also download and install the server version. If you do not have your own server, there are several free hosts in which to create communication channels. Each group of players can join the same private room and talk to each other, reaching a very good sound quality, without consuming too many resources.

Download TeamSpeak 3 Free

TeamSpeak 3.0.16 is the latest (updated July 2014) version of the client software, while the server software has been updated to version This application can be used for free for noncommercial use both editing for client and server. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. TeamSpeak 3 features a revamped interface, new features, like the ability to send files, among others. We recommend upgrading to this new update. On the official site some papers and tutorials to use TeamSpeak enseñana step are available.

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