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Download Free SMRecorder, Screenshot Software

Screen Recorder with Audio Free Download

Download Free SMRecorder, Screenshot Software. SMRecorder is a program to capture screens, videos or webcam sessions; to then burn to video (AVI format). Capturing both image and sound, therefore serves to capture streaming, for tutorials and record your own voice via microphone; and many more activities. It is an alternative to Camtasia, but with the advantage of being free. There are 3 main options: Desktop Video (record what transpires on screen) Camera Video (to record webcam) and Desktop / Microphone Sound (only records audio in MP3 format with using a microphone or on audio output of any application; chat, etc.)

The program is easy to use because it requires simply press a button to start recording with the ability to select an area of ​​the screen, or leave default capture to take entire screen. And for example, you can record a Skype session or record a webcam session with another application, you can only dial the area occupied by the camera. For that you must select the "Desktop Region" option and area with the mouse is drawn.

Screenshot Software

This program allows video tutorials, for example explaining the use of software, from capturing the user moves you perform. Adds notes on catches, also with the possibility to apply the transparent special effect which can be adjusted to provide greater or lesser intensity. SMRecorder allows the quality of video recording (resolution and number of frames per second), duration (the recording is stopped manually, but if you can stop recording schedule a certain number of minutes), the sound quality and some more parameters; but you can initially try the defaults and then change in the case that the video comes with a very large size, the quality is not expected, or for some other reason.

Another interesting awesome feature of this application is the ability to synchronize the audio with the video that was recorded during the capture process. SMRecorder 1.3.2 is the latest version of this logger software is available for all Windows OS which you can download for free.