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Download Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress M4020ND

Samsung ProXpress M4020ND Printer Driver. After my samsung color laser that suddenly stopped working and the cost of repair would be on balance than repurchase it, I decided to buy this excellent printer that now is giving me daily satisfactions: monochrome, front and rear automatic and fast. Upon installation of the driver and its software it is suggested to do a firmware update. With this procedure fully automatic the printer is locked, but requested the assistance Samsung, in a few days intervened to my house a technician who changed the printer's motherboard. Great service too! Samsung M4020Nd Laser Printer Black and White. Beautiful, fast, fine print and at fabulous. This printer once cost much, much more. I had several laser printers always spending this figure. This is the best ever, with the money spent I printed a double value. I like it also because it has the off button on the other this price range do not have. Highly recommended.

Samsung ProXpress M4020ND Driver Download
Printer very fast in printing and fast also in ignition, some printers pass several minutes in the ignition phase, perhaps only those jet but in any case this is also very fast in the ignition phase, perfect printing. recommended. The printer is mechanically excellent, robust and fast; the print-server works properly. Unfortunately, support for Linux leaves something 'to be desired: with drivers supplied by Samsung (which rasterize the page on the PC and send SPL data to the printer and allow you to use only the 600x600 dpi resolution) only the text is printed with a good quality, while the graphics is a disaster because the halftone practically do not exist. The driver (PPD) for the native PostScript printing does not find it anywhere and I had crearmene by just changing the one supplied in the driver Samsung: in this way I got a good graphics, but the text is too strong, too bad, the print quality is not up to the task, and even upgrading the firmware I have solved this problem.
Download Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress M4020ND

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