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Download Printer Driver Pantum M5000

Pantum M5000 Printer Driver. Under the upper block is located a niche that serves as the output tray to the paper. The very top unit is lowered to allow access to the paper feed mechanism. Here is another cover, which hides under a niche for the installation of the cartridge (before working it must be removed to remove the transport packaging). The cartridge is set in the grooves of one hand movement. On the front side, fold-up paper tray. Power key, USB port and a jack to connect the power cable on the rear panel. The printer was very fast accelerated to 16 pages / min. Pleased and print quality: copes with both the text and illustrations, accurately conveying different shades of gray. Stripes and hickeys not, at least when using a fresh cartridge. Perhaps the only drawback call some thought. As a test, I sent the job to print a 50-page document with illustrations in PDF format: Download in memory lasted about 20 seconds, long enough for even the weight of an 8 MB file.

Pantum M5000 Driver Download
The copier MFP mode provides all of the same 16 sheets per minute. With the help of the scale you can set up the menu from 50 to 400%, the brightness and to place a copy multiple pages on one sheet. Flatbed scanner with a hinged lid. Mechanism of automatic sheet feeder is not provided. It works pretty quickly: page text document processed less than 10 seconds, and a color photo of 13 × 18 maximum quality 25. Starter cartridge is designed to print 700 pages. He was replaced by original cartridges can be purchased for 1500 or 2300 pages (both are available at retail at the price of 1550 rubles). Important detail: although the MFP Pantum used cartridges with a chip seal it does not block if there was refilling. Therefore fans of entertainment with a black powder should pay particular attention to: you can make a refill procedure several times. The manufacturer promises about 5,000 prints without losing quality. By achieving this level of the cartridge should be replaced with a new, and again you are guaranteed quality and cheap printing, but extreme athletes may try to change the chip (they are available) and continue refilling. Not very compact, but it is convenient, it has a decent MFP print quality and speed, confidently coping with common tasks. With a relatively modest price of just over rubles of the device and print the value of c using original cartridge, and the possibility of formally refilled the machine, without losing the guarantee, Pantum M5005 can be a good solution for small organizations or home office.
Pantum M5000 Printer Driver Download

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