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Download Printer Driver Dell C1660W

Dell C1660W Printer Driver. I purchased this Dell C1660W printer for a gaggle project to share among classmates. It's a great sleek printer. I really like the wifi setup. The main factor noticed about this printer is that its no longer intended for tremendous steady jobs. I had to print loads for our project and it printed gradual and ran out of ink fast. I consider if you are simply using it around the residence for some informal printing here and there it would fine. If now not, to find whatever better that can manage it. The print fine is excellent and pace is appropriate. I use it in my private place of business and in the course of the rest of the office we have now some MFCs.

Dell C1660W Driver Download
The print nice on this is better but the other ones are affordable as well. I had to ship one again due to the fact it was close to DOA. I would have got to unplug and reboot it after each and every print. Dell despatched me a alternative. The new one is working much better. Largest annoyance is that once the printer goes to sleep, or my laptop goes to sleep, it wont reconnect and print on waking up. I need to cycle the printer power every day to get it to attach. Home windows recognizes the printer and connected, but I need to cancel the print job and restart it to get it to print after waking.
Download Printer Driver Dell C1660W