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WorkForce WF-M1030 Printer Driver Download

WorkForce WF-M1030 Printer Driver Download

Epson WorkForce WF-M1030 Printer Driver Download. I bought the printer some time ago for economic reasons. Setup and commissioning was reasonably over the stage. The print quality is okay. The printer display is unfortunately so small that it is difficult to decipher the operator's texts. Worse is that I failed to set essential printer features such as double-sided printing, paper quality on MacOS. So I called the Epson customer service:

Two customer service calls were unsuccessful: The service employees are working with Windows machines and are unfortunately not familiar. Unfortunately, many of your answers were endeavored but marked by great MacOS Unkentniss. So far so bad but it goes on:

Today, when Mojave starts, the system logs in and tells the Epson driver wg. 32 bit soon no longer support and one should turn to the customer service of the device. Said done with the same success: The customer service representative has no information when new drivers come. I wanted to speak to the customer service manager. He refused the conversation.

WorkForce WF-M1030 Drivers Download

Finally, the customer conversation should be evaluated at the touch of a key until a nice machine voice told me: "Your input can not be recognized".

Conclusion: I am surprised that there is still such an unprofessional customer management today and this is certainly my last Epson printer.

Functions with Windows and also with the Epson iPad / Phone App. But I did not buy the printer for that.

After years of increasingly expensive - and otherwise annoying - use of an HP Officejet (last cost a short-lived cartridge set over 100 ¬), deserves the concept of Epson a closer look. The ink prices are ridiculously low, no need to replace the cartridges and refilling (or filling) is clean, simple and rarely because of the tank size. The connection with the Macbook worked perfectly on the Fritzbox. The print quality is good to call. Only the starting process is loud (2-3 sec): a high pitch and clatter. Then the expression works quietly and quite fast. Scan - even on Andriod Phone- went very well with the Epson app. The screen is tiny, so sometimes the reading is not without but that falls - bagatelles! hope that Epson does not make the mistake of HP: to raise ink prices a few 100% over the next few years. (A real evaluation of the printer could be given only by the way, if you see how long it holds.If it is over after only 2 or 3 years, so the concept would be a kind of fake)