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Expression Home XP-422 Printer Driver Download

Expression Home XP-422 Printer Driver Download

Expression Home XP-422 Printer Driver Download Since 1993 we work with PC's and printers and have bought so many printers over the years. This device is the FIRST that convinces us in EVERY (!!) respect:

The Epson Expression Home XP-422 "can" for its modest dimensions very much: copy (even without a PC), scan (flatbed - hence, for example, books), fax and of course print (b / w and color), zoom in, zoom out. And - without any PC - you can also directly "wireless", without cable over wlan, print. Very handy is also the "wireless printing" of photos, most comfortable with the free "App" from Epson.

The volume of the printing process is very pleasant and the print quality of both documents and photos (which, of course, only on special "photo paper") is quite outstanding for our standards. And also very pleasing are the printing costs: Each color cartridge can be replaced individually, so that not always residues of unused color components come unnecessarily into the trash (as it is unfortunately still the case with many printheads). We especially like that you can also use "cheap" cartridges of other manufacturers without problems - so we found in amazon 'good usable cartridges in a pack of 10 (4 x black and 3 x 2 colors) for less than 12 euros - fabulous 1, 20 € per cartridge. Then even the so-called. XL cartridges relatively small quantities no longer disturb. A small"

Of all the inkjet printers we've ever had, this is by far the best and at the same time the cheapest printer in this class. For home use and unbeatable in a small office. We hope that this Epson Expression Home XP-422 will stay with us for a long time and would buy it again at any time. Warmest recommendation!

Expression Home XP-422 Driver Download

I have the Epson Expression Home XP-422 printer installed on Windows 10. Anversich went problem-free, I've set up the network Manuel on the printer itself .. that worked immediately.

After the printer itself is brought over the small screen Manuel into the network, one can go on the computer also on network printer -> printer setting -> software updates -> confirm the following window with ok .. and everything else is done then very easy. You get a very good product for little money and it has never been so easy to select and install the additional software options. From my point of view, everything has improved a lot and also the smaller size of the printer is pleasing and color selection. There is also software for some of the expensive graphics software replaced if you want to prepare a printout of photos. For the scanner installation simply top the network printer (2 times itself printer name). You can print scanned documents directly in different formats, including pdf.

The first sample prints look very good on normal printer paper. The Epson Expression Home XP-422 printer is very space-saving, past, for example, Invisible to me in a sideboard compartment. The price performance ratio is very good!

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