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Brother DCP-8150DN Printer Driver Download

Brother DCP-8150DN Printer Drivers. The printer we have indulged about 3 years ago - so a little experience with the printer (and in advance: is still running smoothly). Important were network (WLAN), color printing and automatic duplex (printing on both sides of the paper - even without having to turn the paper itself). 

Switch from ink printer
We used cheaper inkjet printers before. These are smaller and cheaper - but overall because of the problems or peculiarities which ink cartridges bring with it annoying and expensive. With ink it is (with us) so that the cartridges always dry or leaked. In addition, the original ink cartridges are very expensive and do not last as long - and 3rd party no name manufacturers are either unavailable for patent reasons or are of little quality use (phased out, not recognized and the like). Effectively it is so that you can almost always buy a new ink printer with new ink cartridges (slightly exaggerated admitted). 

pressure frequency
We print on average 1 to 2 times a week print. Sometimes a picture, sometimes a letter for the mail or a little manual. With that, we are certainly more likely to classify the frequency as "little printer". That's just not enough for an inkjet printer - because the cartridges dry out. When colored, I do not attach particular importance to total color fidelity or very brilliant colors in general. If you often want to print photos or work with graphics, then maybe you are more likely to use the inkjet printer - because they are a little better suited for that. For my needs, however, the color printing of graphics and photos is more than adequate with this laser printer here.

Brother DCP-8150DN Driver Download

What I really like about the Brother
- Initial costs are high, right. Due to the very low follow-up costs (cheap No Name cartridges), this laser printer is much cheaper over the lifetime (in the 3 years we already have it, I changed about 2x the cartridges.) This is almost as good as almost nothing at all). In addition, I have no trouble with the printer, it is reliable. If I want to print, I usually need it urgently, and here you can rely on the printer. There is no color cartridge glued again or the like. That alone is very important to me.

- Printer is network capable (WLAN). That's good because of the size - it is not huge, but already big. Something like a beer box. I have attached a photo with a Din A4 magazine here for size comparison. Printing over the network works great and very easy. I have the printer in a small adjoining room and print via WLAN - no misfires in the connection to complain. 

- By placing in another room, I have no problems with the volume (but the device is not very loud - but you hear it, next to it I do not want to call). Due to the placement in the next room, the typical smell of laser printers is no longer an issue.

- Via the WLAN it is also possible to print for example via the mobile phone. I did that 1-2 times. Works and maybe important for one or the other. 

- Printer can print in duplex (ie both sides) and also several pages per sheet if you like and in the driver / print window indicates (for example, 2 pages in front, 2 pages on the back of a sheet). This can be helpful with instructions, for example. Here you save paper (when placing more than 2 pages on 1 sheet, but it is difficult to read).

- Scanning in color and black and white works just as well in the best quality over the network. For example, I had to scan badges (in color), which must be in good quality for identification purposes. All this the printer (then scanner) copes with ease. 

Our and my conclusion
We are super, super satisfied - and already 3 years. The best that could happen to us. Can I recommend only to anyone who would like to avoid the constant annoyance with the ink printers - here you get a super quality device that prints consistent and cheap without problems. All thumbs and fingers up. The software (drivers) from the manufacturer are also very good and offer all sorts of adjustment options. Also, I have not even had problems with a paper jam.
Brother DCP-8150DN Driver Download.

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