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Epson LW-600P Printer Driver Download

Epson LW-600P Printer Drivers. Obviously do not expect to have a delusional quality: it is a label printer. There is not a definition of crazy, but a few tens of cm, it's a good illusion. In terms of print speed, count less than 10s between the print order and the label recovered in your hand, cut and ready to paste. Oh yes, because like any self-respecting label printer, she cuts the ribbon alone like a big one. Note that you can change label ribbon at any time, but this will turn off the printer.

Epson LW-600P Driver Download

This printer does the job cleanly, hyper easy and fast. For the informative, it is more than enough, although we will obviously see the lack of definition in the print. But for me, it perfectly fulfills the required criteria: small, portable, autonomous, and compatible with my iPhone with software much more than correct, even if perfectible. And all this for 72 € TTC at this time at Amazon with 3 years warranty by Epson. The LW-600 from Epson will replace ideally my mediocre Dymo. That is the demand of the people ?
Download Driver Epson LW-600P