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Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Printer Driver Download

Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Printer Drivers. This Epson XP-820 quality of B / W printing. Under laboratory conditions and in the user check, the XP-820 cuts off equally with an outstanding result. For a multifunction printer, this price level is astonishing, especially since text printing is generally not just one of the strengths of an inkjet printer.

Color printing
If you use the highest possible resolution in the print settings, you will probably have to accept a little longer printing times. However, the patience seems worthwhile, because even the test magazines make an outstanding judgment in color printing.

Copy & Scan
An image sharpness of 4,800 x 4,800 pixels per inch is downright fantastic. The manufacturer's data seems to promise not too much, because the buyers share in their reviews the view that the scanner is really clean work.

Costs & Range B / W Printing
When it comes to printing costs, the Expression XP-820 is far behind the market. For little printers, this problem is not too significant. If you print a lot of text, such as form letters, a laser printer is the more sensible choice anyway.

Cost & Range Color Printing
Astonishingly, it performs slightly better in color comparison compared to other devices. If you prefer to print your smartphone photos in the classic photo format, you will not pay much more with the expression than in the specialist shop and will also save you the way there.

Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Driver Download

Domestic equipments Print & Scan
In addition to the basic functions of printing, scanning and copying, the upper middle class among the "Expression" devices offers you many other useful extras. Noteworthy is the text recognition software that can convert scanned texts, so you can edit them on the PC.

While the existing option for wireless integration into the home network can now be expected to become the standard in the consumer sector, with the slot for SD cards and extensive mobile printing functions there are a few extras on top, which are absolutely not self-evident in this price range.

Paper tray
Like the control panel, the printout automatically shuts off during operation and returns to standby during standby. The buyers find this original, but also notice a weakness: Accidentally placed in front of the printer items are pushed away from the paper cassette.

Service & installation
The fact that the ratings at retailers such as Amazon collect almost exclusively in the five-star range, is attributable, among other things, to its ease of commissioning. The buyers speak of a complete and easy installation. Even inexperienced people can share this experience.

When switching to standby, the display automatically restarts and returns to the previously set by the user tilt at power. Point deduction: The tray for CD printing is not integrated, but must be inserted manually to print on the media.

Download Driver Epson Expression Premium XP-820

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