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Download Ricoh SP 212SNw Driver Printer

Ricoh SP 212SNw Printer Driver. The Ricoh SP 212SNw has 150 sheets of paper in the paper tray, so you can not add more paper cassettes for more space. In the manual feeder fits only one sheet. However, when copying with the multifunction devices, you can not load paper in the bypass tray (bypass) and press "Copy". You have to select the paper source before copying first and then can load paper and start the copy process and this is a bit complicated. The document feeder (ADF) of the multifunction devices holds up to 35 sheets. There is no turning unit (duplexer) for the ADF or the printing function. The Ricoh SP 212SNw driver supports the user but when manually turning the paper, if this is to be printed on both sides. The model do not offer a touch screen and there are numerous buttons available whose labeling is not always clear at first glance. For one or the other key only a look in the manual helps to understand their function. But once you get used to the operation, working with the devices is easy.

Ricoh SP 212SNw Driver Download

Ricoh SP 212SNw multifunction have a USB host port to connect a USB stick. However, Ricoh only offers the option of scanning to the USB stick (Scan to USB). Printing data from the USB stick is not possible. The Ricoh models can not afford any outliers when printing and they are fast enough in all disciplines (text, graphics, individual print pages, extensive print jobs, etc.). Texts bring the Ricohs to paper in good quality. The printer driver also provides a toner-saving mode that transfers significantly less toner to the paper and yet the text remains legible. Only in graphics printing, the results are a bit too dark. I tested different driver settings, all of which led to the same result. Although the Ricoh models are B / W lasers, the scanners of the multifunction devices can read the originals in color. As with almost all multifunctional devices, Ricoh is also a CIS scanner, which can only reproduce the sharp, which is perfectly flat on the document glass. In the middle of a folded book, the letters are no longer flat on the glass and they appear blurred in the scan. Otherwise, the scanner is sufficient for daily office work. However, I did not find any OCR software for text recognition in the scope of delivery.

Download Ricoh SP 212SNw Driver Printer

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