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Download Sharp MX C301W Driver Printer

Sharp MX C301W Printer Driver. The Sharp MX-C301W printer is the latest offering in the competitive printing space company, which includes models such as the HP LaserJet Enterprise M601 mobile printer Lexmark C740 and CS510 and series printers. The Sharp MX-C301W was designed to handle a variety of tasks in a smaller office environment quickly and cost-effectively (at just 4 cents a page, according to the Sharp rep I spoke with). The £ 72.8 unit handles copying, printing, scanning and faxing, all with a footprint of only 17 "(B) x 22" (D) x 18 ". "(H) So, while the Sharp MX-C301W will not be practical for larger organizations, this printer will be of interest to small and medium businesses that need more than a simple desktop. Device. Let's see how it stopped after we did it for a test run. The Sharp MX-C301W simply builds on either a Wi-Fi connection. or a setup CD The Sharp MX C301W driver installation is fast and straightforward Initial setup took about five minutes from the plug-in to the first printed page Features include a 250 GB hard drive, the ability to scan to email, network folders or a USB device, a 300-sheet bin capacity (expandable up to 800 sheets with an optional 500-sheet high-capacity cartridge); a print speed of 30 pages per minute in black and white and color, for. a customizable and high resolution color touch screen.

Sharp MX C301W Driver Download

The touch screen is a great feature, it is quite intuitive to navigate and works hand in hand with the numeric punch buttons below. It should be noted that the actual screen is about 6.1 " (w) of 3. 8 "(h) and not 7" as the specifications claim (Sharp gets the 7 "figure by measuring the screen diagonally). The device also comes with a stylus pen for point-and-touch navigation. The Sharp MX C301W printer is compatible with the Sharpdesk Mobile App, which allows for printing on the go. And while the boxy design will not win any fans on appearance alone, the above features make it a competitive option for midsize businesses (more on that later). Printing on a advertised 600 x 600 dpi color and black and white, the MX-C301W's printing capabilities are a step from your standard desktop (though not competitive with full-size units that offer a standard 1200 dpi). A 50mb color jpeg took about 4 seconds to print and turned out to be beautiful. The Full Color from the Galaxy (courtesy of the Hubble Telescope via Wikicommons) captures an impressive amount of detail and color gradation. A high resolution black and white photo of an ink blot printed with fully saturated black ink with no streaks, bleeding or patches. The printer also processes a number of large jobs sent in a row. I have 6 jobs from multiple pages with color images in a row without any problems (the manufacturer claims the printer can handle up to 94 workstations in its memory). There was no noticeable difference between the time it took to print a high-resolution color image and a page with black and white text.

Download Sharp MX C301W Driver Printer

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