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Download Brother HL5350DN Driver Printer

Brother HL5350DN Printer Driver. The HL-5350DN is a single-function, monochrome, compact and fast: it comes out 30 pages per minute in normal, or 13 ppm in double-sided. It also promises a quick first impression, in less than 9 seconds. On this point, my opinion differs. Otherwise, it is a 250-sheet paper-based network printer, a small 32-MB memory, and cartridges separating toner (4 available toner kits, from 3000 to 8000 pages) and drum (25 000 pages), with drivers Windows, Mac and Linux. It's definitely a pro product. The basic delivered toner is the lowest available in capacity: 3000 pages. Brother promises 30 pages per minute and a first release in 8.5 seconds. I agree with the first statement, I am even at 31 ppm in reality. The second, on the other hand, is only right if the printer is hot and available, a job has come out recently. Otherwise, it can take up to 4 times longer. This Brother HL5350DN does not perform well on page output once it is started. Small workgroups will appreciate its high pace. But if you are looking for immediate availability, to install it for example, other models will be more suitable. The quality is good, the characters are perfectly legible. It's clean and overall the intensities are well translated into monochrome. On the other hand, the shades could be finer. For example, the gradients in our graphics disappear to turn into solid areas. Even if the photo use is not advisable on such a product, the tests based on photos go well in this direction. Gradients are lost, the result lacks finesse.

Brother HL5350DN Driver Download

The Brother HL5350DN printer tends to favor speed over quality which is nevertheless excellent on texts and satisfactory on graphs. I have selected the basic toner and the largest available: 3000 and 8000 pages. Between the two, it's quickly seen. In the 8000 page version, the cost per page drops by half. Even if we add the cost of replacing the drum after 25,000 pages ( about 125 euros or an additional cost of about 0.5 cents per page), the HL-5350DN remains a particularly economical product to use, in below 2 cents per page. 8 seconds the first exit? In fact, from 8 to 38 seconds. Some workstations require that the printer be immediately available. To release the reservation of a customer for example. So the time needed for the first outing becomes paramount. The Brother 5350DN announces an 8.5 second release time. This is the case if the printer is active. If she gets out of her watch, the first page will take 17 seconds - double the time claimed by Brother. And if you just turn it on, you'll have to wait 38 seconds! Difficult to talk about immediate availability. About standby and normal mode, know that it consumes respectively in these states 4,4W and 600W. She sells her pages quickly, for a very low cost of use. It is perfect for workgroups that regularly print light documents. For heavy work, it will increase his memory. And for the quality others will be better.

Download Brother HL5350DN Driver Printer