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Download Lexmark S415 Driver Printer

Lexmark S415 Printer Driver. Compared to the S315, the basic model of the simple multi-function printers from the 2012 collection from Lexmark, this Lexmark S415 is characterized by more significant features. Thus, the MuFu not only controls the two-sided printing, but also has an automatic document feed for document stack. However, nothing has changed since the printer, like its smaller brother, unfortunately has a not very attractive consumption of ink, which should make it particularly difficult for printers to get excited about the device. With standard cartridges with a range of 200 pages as well as so-called XL cartridges can be selected with which 700 or 750 pages (black) can be printed. For the customer, this begins a planning game because, depending on the print volume, it is important to think about the equipment of the printer.

The XL cartridges result, in purely mathematical terms, an ink consumption in the equivalent of about 12 cents for an A4 color page and about 3.5 cents for a page in b / w. For printers, this is not necessarily attractive, the competition from HP, Kodak and Epson, for example, is not infrequently less thirsty. In turn, occasional printers using the standard cartridges must count on over 20 cents for a color and 5 cents for a black-and-white page. If, on the other hand, they also reach the XL cartridges, they run the risk, that the savings advantage is eliminated by rinses or even by dried up nozzles - if the printer is not actually used for example daily. The choice of the right ink cartridges can therefore be a pain.

Lexmark S415 Driver Download

On the other hand, the printer is a good thing to report. Supplied with around 130 EUR, the multifunctional printer offers the possibility to print documents on both sides as well as automatically process the stack of originals. In addition, the device can be wirelessly integrated into a network and therefore shared by smaller workgroups. As a weak spot or at least as an annoyance could go in the long run the paper supply. The printer does not have a closed paper tray, so a paper supply that may be left in the printer can be dusted with time when the printer is not running. In terms of printing speed, the Lexmark does not necessarily hit the gas.

The user can count on a maximum of six pages per minute in color and 10 pages in B & W mode. Bottom line, the printer leaves a ambiguous impression. Theoretically well-equipped for smaller offices, the open paper cassette and the ink consumption tend to contradict the business use of Lexmark. In the end, consumers should give the device a lot to print, so that the XL cartridges are worth it, otherwise the device simply charges the money bag too much. For casual printers that want to keep as many options as possible with a well-equipped device, the Lexmark is too expensive in the long run, even if it is going to cost less than 130 EUR on the road soon.

Download Lexmark S415 Driver Printer

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