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Download Lexmark Prestige Pro808 Driver Printer

Lexmark Prestige Pro808 Printer Driver. The Lexmark Prestige Pro808 printer was a replacement for my Dell printer that was incredibly bad. Unfortunately I only later learned that the ink printers from Dell come from Lexmark, otherwise I would have been warned. At first everything went ok. Printing works well, scanning to a switched destination computer also. Scanning to email has never worked. The duplex function is very practical and also works without any problems. The single sheet feed, on the other hand, works very badly. Sometimes you have the templates too deeply inserted, sometimes he does not even get the plug-in with it and it is quite erratic. I'm just an occasional printer, so about once a week. Unfortunately, the printhead does not tolerate this. After 1 year it was broken and had to be exchanged. Fortunately, this was still in warranty and Lexmark sent a new free of charge. The heads installed in the cartridges are unfortunately drying constantly and I have already had to throw away several full cartridges. Since the printing costs are synonymous with (or just because) XL cartridges super high.

Lexmark Prestige Pro808 Driver Download

Even if you do not print color, the level goes down all the time. I guess because of the cleaning, but nothing brings, because nevertheless everything drowns. Completely annoying is however the communication between printer and computer. The works now unfortunately only very, very badly. The computer then reports that communication is not possible and the printer simply does not print. Super annoying, if you want to quickly print your flight ticket and to the airport. Overall, I hate the printer now and the erratic communication makes it practically useless. Equally useless is it also by the way, if a color cartridge is empty and one wants to print black and white something. It does not work. But still went to the last firmware update. The opinion I can not share unfortunately. I'm constantly cleaning the printhead and changing cartridges to be able to print at all. Since I have the printer, my printing costs have risen extremely. The cartridges do not print properly even though they should still be 1/3 full. If you use the printer for more than 2 weeks, then you need about 10 pages that the quality fits again.
Download Lexmark Prestige Pro808 Driver Printer

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