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Download Lexmark Pro5500t Driver Printer

Lexmark Pro5500t Printer Driver. The Lexmark Pro5500t is not too expensive! It comes with a set of ink cartridges in range 900 pages! This costs the device naked about 240 EUR. The quality of the prints and sharp even small letters. It is sometimes reported that the downloadable apps do not work properly and that's not true, it all work. Scanning on the Mac OS, this can be done easily via the Mac software "Preview" here - Storage / Off Importing Scanners / Including networked devices you have the scanning software. The scanner works fine with the software you can manually correct the colors before the scan (some testers probably overlooked). I had previously an Epson PX810FW in use and this is long not as good as the Lexmark and the Epson has a well-known Shortage, the ADF fails very quickly its service (engine). Lexmark Pro5500t design looks really chic.

Lexmark Pro5500t Driver Download

A cheap printer with excellent quality and operation via touchscreen with simply super. When I finally compare my old Epson to the Lexmark, the Epson max. 50 EUR cost. Why HPs 8600 similarly well judged is for me not conclusive. Despite start-up problem (service was however competent and could fix the problem) holds the device in all functions what it promises. Only the WLAN connection wants to receive a RESET from time to time. Scan with e-mail, FAX and two-sided printing are completely problem-free. For scanning special functions, I bought a special SW, but the work with the device. Now I hope that this Lexmark Pro5500t has a certain sustainability in its construction and not like previous models just after the end of the warranty to the electronic scrap because a joint or the print head is not replaceable.
Download Lexmark Pro5500t Driver Printer

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