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Download Lexmark Platinum Pro902 Driver Printer

Lexmark Platinum Pro902 Printer Driver. The Lexmark Pro902 is identical to the Pro905, with one more bin. The base is otherwise exactly the same. I will have strictly the same quality of printing on both products, the same cost on the page (they are the same cartridges) and very littlesame flow. I find the same programmable functions (the same big screen.A single detail changes: The Pro905 doubles its paper load, autonomy of 300 sheets. They are similar to those of the Pro905, this is explained by a simple idea of Lexmark, from the entry level to the most advanced model, the cartridges are the same, the engine is the same.Note that the same base, programmable functions, is actually found on four printers: Lexmark S605: jet of 3-in-1 Multifunction Color Ink: Lexmark Prestige Pro805 Wifi: 3-in-1 Multifunction Color Inkjet: Network + Wifi Lexmark Pro901: 4-in-1 Multifunction Color Inkjet: Network + Wifi + Fax with 64 MB of memory Lexmark Pro905: 4-in-1 multifunction color inkjet: network + wifi + fax with 64 MB of memory.

Lexmark Pro902 Driver Download

The Lexmark Platinum Pro902 is guaranteed 5 years, it integrates a fax and it exploits cartridges of black particularly economic: 1 cent page. That's half less than a good laser printer and four times less than conventional inkjet printers. With such a product,Lexmark wants to compete with laser printers and bring professionals to color without ruining them. Because for this price, comparable to that of a mid-range laser printer, here I have a very versatile inkjet printer, since gifted in office automation as in photo, double-sided, Wifi, network, with a very large touch we love the piloting as programmable functions (identical to what I had experienced on the S605, for the pros, it can be extremely practical and a significant time saving in the constitution of records among others, see this demonstration programming) and therefore economical in ink. Lexmark Platinum Pro902 drivers Windows, Mac OS, Linux are proposed, the paper capacity has been pushed to 300 pages. It's just missing, compared to lasers printer.
Download Lexmark Platinum Pro902 Driver Printer

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