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HP Specter X360 15-BL001NG Driver Download

HP Specter X360 15-BL001NG Driver Download. In the development of the Spectre x360, we have pursued only one goal unlimited freedom. We have built a PC that meets every challenge and manages it with impressive performance. They deserve only the best. Experience accomplished technology with the Specter x360. Precise craftsmanship and impressive performance come together in a device that leaves nothing to be desired. The Spectre x360 is manufactured from a single aluminum block in a computer controlled precision process each curve and contour of the Specter x360 is elaborately processed. The fusion of innovative technology and shapely design allows for a seamless transition between peak performance and unprecedented creativity.

HP Specter X360 15-BL001NG Driver Download 

You'll do far more things than you ever thought possible with up to 12 hours of use time, unmatched performance with flash fast Intel® Core ™ i5 i7 i7 processors of the 7th generation, up to 16GB of RAM and faster PCIe memory. The Spectre x360 gives you the power you need to conquer the world. Experience the future of joining. Two USB Type C ™ connectors support high speed data transfer, external displays and charging with a USB 3.0 Type-A connector for added flexibility. Charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device via your notebook while in sleep or sleep mode. The IPS technology gives you a viewing angle of almost 180 ° and with a color space of 72% 13 images appear more saturated and natural. This means what you see through the camera lens is exactly reproduced on the screen. The next generation 802.11 2x2 Wi-Fi antenna is located on the upper edge of the display, providing you with faster WLAN speed and maximum reception in any mode. With HP Fast Charge, charge the fully discharged 15.6 " using a 90-W adapter within 30 minutes to 50%. Log in securely over Windows Hello and start video chats with an 88-degree wide-angle view field. Thanks to the incredible 4K display with 8 million pixels (on certain models), you can not only view and edit your photos in high resolution, but also sketch and draw with your Active Pen and Windows Ink (on certain models). Olufsen is a lively entertainment with a sound that goes under the skin. Enliven your senses with a perfect sound experience at the computer. So innovative and yet so familiar, so individual and yet so flexible. With the new Windows 10, Microsoft is laying the foundation for an outstanding operating system future, as the OS highlight unites elements such as the start menu, which you already know from Windows 7, with Windows 8 features such as pinned apps. You can also experience the Microsoft Edge browser milestone or trust your clever assistant Contana.
HP Specter X360 15-BL001NG Driver Download
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