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Download Lexmark S608 Driver Printer

Lexmark S608 Printer Driver. The first I was totally enthusiastic about my new product and let me let myself be convinced me of Lexmark. I want the printer synonymous not the great features like the touch screen, the duplex printing and the (outward) good processing controversy. (I own the printer now for about a year). I come directly to the points, which have caused me at least a recession to write. And after only a few months, printing with foils no longer worked at all. These were always neatly drawn in and then had to be pulled out again as an ink-smeared plastic coil. This Lexmark S608 is an expensive undertaking if you absolutely have to print something on foil. Have also another foil mark also tried the same. Refilling is unthinkable because of integrated chips, a majority of the "chip filling" is consumed for cleaning processes.

Lexmark S608 Driver Download

So, if a cartridge is not sitting properly, there is no drop coming out. Have a new color set and the first week had good printer results. Afterwards I had to change black, and came against the release of 2 color cartridges. -> Now print the (again) not! Although they are actually full and are also recognized as full. Lexmark did not win with this device. The Lexmark is an absolute rip-off company. Have now withdrawn from the ink printing area. Hope this company disappears completely from the market. The Lexmark S608 printer cartridges are secured with an RFID chip and prevent refilling of the cartridges. Here, Lexmark violates EU law. The printer must continue to operate. But where no plaintiff, even a judge. This is possible with the other print markers.
Download Lexmark S608 Driver Printer

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