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Download Opera Browser 27

Download Opera Browser 27. Opera is a web browser that has been improving in their latest versions in terms of agility, performance and safety; now launches its new version 27, updated with more functionality, faster, more stable and more secure. The most noticeable change is that from now the code is based on Chromium browser (the engine used by Google Chrome) and Blink. It supports tabbed browsing (in this new version with the news Tab stacking, which lets you create groups of tabs); integrates a browser interface to access directly from there to sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc; can save sessions, ie remembering all tabs and windows to be accessed again as it was in the last session; and has many more options.

Opera has improved and optimized so that has to do with markers and suggestions to open a new tab, according to the browsing history. That way when you start typing the name of the site you want to access, presents the best option considering the amount of previous accesses and last visits. Includes a revamped JavaScript engine that makes the browser faster. It has improved support for HTML5. It has support for geolocation. Opera Dragonfly incorporates a debugging environment for web developers to inspect DOM, CSS, network traffic and data stores.

Opera supports extensions (add-ons) which allow you to add new features to the browser. You can see a list of available extensions on the official site, and install them directly in the browser. It is noteworthy that both extensions and plugins can be disabled when not needed, in order to speed up browsing.

Download Opera Browser 27

Until version 12 is available an integrated mail client browser (Opera Mail), but from issue 15 passes be be an external application with more features and more efficient. It has a spell checker and IRC chat, among other tools. It also includes the ability to automatically update every time you launch a new version.

Version 20 reaches significant improvements in the rendering engine, now based on WebKit, which adds stability to navigate and faster loading of content. Presents new a new feature that lets you use the computer web camera to capture photos and send them automatically to the site or favorite social network.

Download Opera Browser 27. The user migrating from Opera 12 to version 15 (or later) will be able to maintain the previous setting and be able to preserve markers and other elements. Opera 27 (27.0.1689.66) is the latest (updated February 2015), available in Spanish, and can be downloaded free version. It works for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8); and also for Mac OS X and Linux. This edition updates its engine to version 35.0.1883.0 Chromium, and it will begin to implement silent updates of the software.