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Download TeamViewer Free. Team Viewer is a remote control program that allows remote access and control another PC either for technical assistance, for presentations (multiple people can access content that is deployed on a remote PC) to print a document on a remote PC, or to perform any other action that requires a secure remote connection. The application supports file sharing across a network quickly (the files are compressed before transmission) and secure (the data is encrypted). Supports drag and drop to send files back and forth.

To access another machine both must have the program installed, and who connects must know the ID of the computer you want to connect remotely, in addition to the password. It is not necessary that users have the latest version of the product installed to connect to each other, but you should update it. In an earlier version of TeamViewer integration was incorporated with a new module called QuickJoin, to organize presentations or online meetings, with the possibility of including video conferencing, VoIP, whiteboard and chat. You are allowed a total of 25 participants per session. TeamViewer supports session recording in AVI video format, which can be useful when meetings or product presentations, organize or even when you want to monitor an employee who performs technical support to customers.

Download TeamViewer 10 Free

Note that the application has been optimizing performance, getting faster and stable connections. Design changes affecting greater simplicity in the use of this tool is also noticeable. New versions for phones with support for Android and iPhone, to control your PC or Mac from your phone and access the desktop, run programs, make settings, and so on; with the convenience of doing it from your mobile device. It has a full manual TeamViewer in Spanish, which describes in detail all features of this application, and disclosed the new features. TeamViewer 11 is the latest version. It is free for non-commercial use. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iPhone.