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Download HTC Sync

Download HTC Sync a Program to synchronize HTC. HTC Sync is a program that lets you synchronize data between HTC and PC phone. You can synchronize the contacts and calendar with Outlook or Outlook Express, sync bookmarks, install Android applications on the phone from the PC, and transfer files from mobile phone to PC (and vice versa).

HTC Sync allows you to synchronize and transfer media files such as songs, photos and videos; and any other files like documents, for example. Allows transfer playlists, and more. Other advantages are: you can install third-party applications that are not exclusive to Android Market; and also the possibility of using the phone as a modem to access the Internet from your PC, using the 3G device.

To connect your phone to your PC to use the USB cable. When the type of USB connection is requested must be pressed HTC Sync, and then the "Done" button. Then you must enter a name for your phone and you must click "Save". Once the configuration panel and you can select the different options available synchronization open.

This application is installed on the PC. Support various phone models HTC: Desire HD, Wildfire, Desire, Legend, HTC Touch, Dream, Snap, Shift, Advantage, Hero, Desire Z and other newer models compatible with Android.

Download HTC Sync

Download HTC Sync. HTC Sync 3.3.63 is the latest (updated November 2013) version of this software for HTC you can download free. Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8; and synchronizes with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.