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Download AIMP 3.60 Free

Download AIMP Music Player. AIMP Classic is a powerful audio player, similar in features to the popular Winamp, and even visually but also some advantages, among which we can highlight a lower consumption of resources (processor and RAM memory). Support various formats used to manage playlists (playlists), and lets you add a complete and detailed information for each of the songs that make up the same, having a tag editor (tags). You can play most audio files such as MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and CDA (audio CDs), among others. Lets you convert files between various combinations of supported formats, for example, CDA to MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA and so on. It also allows you to record sounds and save them in any of these formats.

The sound quality is excellent, including a 18-band equalizer and also the possibility of adding various special effects. It has preset equalizer applicable dependent style of music, such as configurations: rock, reggae, ska or techno, among others. The player is highly customizable and easily allows to change visual appearance, with the possibility to choose between different skins available for download. It is easy to use and configure, with a minimalist interface but its enjoyable.

AIMP3, which adds a new graphical interface and support for new transparent skins, and improve the sound quality thanks to a new engine employing more advanced technology: Finally, after several trial versions, the new version was launched. The player incorporates a radio tuner that offers the possibility of recording stations. It also adds support for plugins (including plugins for Winamp).

Download AIMP 3.60 Free

Download AIMP Music Player. Version 3.50 added new features: An audio file converter and an alarm that may serve to recall events or even to wake up to your favorite tune. AIMP supports Minilyrics so you can install this application to see the lyrics while playing. This application is a great choice among most popular audio players, even better than Winamp. It is highly recommended, as the already mentioned advantages is the fact that you can download for free, and which is translated into Spanish. AIMP 3.60 (build 1470) is the latest stable version, updated in January 2015. It works with all versions of Windows. Size: 8.3 MB.