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Download Scanner Driver HP Scanjet N6350

HP Scanjet N6350 Scanner Driver. I can not recommend this device! The support leaves a lot to be desired, not only that the ladies do not understand well German, but also as soon as you go a little deeper into the situation, have no more idea and ask a colleague what is waiting, wait, wait in 5- 10 minutes queue is nothing. This device works only if a computer on which the software is installed is also running. If you want to use the shortcuts which you had previously configured on a computer, in which is which resolution the scan should have, whether on both sides or one-sided, which file format and where it should be stored in my case in a non-password protected network folder, I assume that this also happens. If however no computer is switched on the network on which the software is deposited is not. 

HP Scanjet N6350 Driver Download
When a computer on the network is switched on, the display of the scanner -> please continue the scan on the PC <- ??? Every time in the 2 OG. Race and again on the Pc? You can not tell the scanner send to folder "XY" or simply assign a network folder, you always have to choose a computer so that it scans. A multi-function printer with a network connection can cost a quarter of what this scanner costs. It can be natural that I am too stupid but it is not synonymous described anywhere and also the support says that you need a running computer. This can not be sense and purpose a network scanner! I have already configured many multifunctional printers and network devices (is also my job), but such problems have never been there!

Download Scanner Driver HP Scanjet N6350

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