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Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-5835FN

Samsung SCX-5835FN Printer Driver. The device is a discontinued model and seems to have a wertigere mechanism over other devices in the 6oo € class. When not using something chichi and a solid construction preferably, that seems to be the right choice here. The list price of 2,000 € seems overpriced and not real. The market price, however low. The device is in the office and had to do prints and faxes daily. After the 12-month warranty and just nearly 100,000 print the trouble started. No more access to the motherboard, According to Samsung must be installed a new one. Cost point at least € 400.00. So buy new equipment, so that employees do not have to change. The new came from Italy with a corresponding label, no indication of amazon that seller from Italy comes. Bill came only after repeated correspondence and only via mail.

Samsung SCX-5835FN Driver Download
Let's see if the Tax Office recognizes that. The new printer has a new software and now many functions do not run anymore as it was before, or have become considerably more complicated. The sound can no longer switch off you, so it is an eternal Getute when faxes are sent. I would never buy the box again and the audacity that it is not even a CD with a user manual to read everything on the Internet is, out enough for me. 2 stars are there for the competitive price and the range of functions and that the box does what it is, though not for long.
Download Printer Driver Samsung SCX-5835FN

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