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Download Printer Driver Ricoh Aficio SP 112

Ricoh Aficio SP 112 Printer Driver. The Ricoh Aficio SP112 is due to its very low purchase price, an interesting black and white laser printer for occasional printing. For less than 50 euros you can purchase the device. Reason enough to take a look at the beginner laser printers. In no unwrapped condition of the printer ever needs a proper storage area. The low height of the carton promises before, that the printer will not be particularly high. The printed package guarantee advertised with 2 years, with 16-page per minute and a paper capacity of 50 sheets. Put it out the items, the entire delivery will be visible. And that is rather well arranged. In addition to printers and starter toner, there is only a driver CD and a power cable. Who the device now also wants to connect to his PC, should either do not have a USB cable at home, or an order to do so.

Ricoh Aficio SP 112 Driver Download
When connecting to a Windows PC, one should note the correct order. It is easiest if you insert the driver CD into the CD drive is. Then simply connect the Aficio SP112 via USB and turn on the device. Windows will detect the new device and is looking for a driver that he found on the CD. We recommend to select the German driver, which should be the user's native language. A Windows 2000 driver does not exist unfortunately. Insert the starter toner is not difficult. It must be unsealed nothing. Simply unpack, open the door, insert, finished. The paper is inserted from behind. Here is also the biggest shortcoming: It fit just 50 sheets in the paper tray. If you fold the paper output door is from the compact impression of the printer not much left. The low height of the printer then brings not much when the paper is upwardly away.

Download Printer Driver Ricoh Aficio SP 112

No Driver Ricoh Aficio SP 112 for Win XP and Mac OS X
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