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HP LaserJet Pro M12A Printer Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Printer Drivers. The HP LaserJet Pro M12A printer is totally easy to install. Only connect the USB cable and done. The print quality is good, sometimes the sheet pulls a slight crease about 1/3 of the left side of the paper along, but you can see this only if you hold the sheet against the light. But I think for the price you can not say anything against. So this HP LaserJet Pro M12A is a super printer that works with the connection with various devices flawlessly. The printer is very economical. The HP LaserJet Pro M12A driver installation by computer with networks is easy, the necessary one-time USB connection an anachronism. Otherwise good printer, not too loud and moderately compact.

Everything worked from the beginning. Very good print quality. Can anyone recommend it without hesitation. Price performance fits well. After some browsing through and price comparison for different toners (eg side panel) I came across this model: visually simple, page price ok and integration via WLAN possible; important for me, because I like to work things on the iPad but unfortunately God needs some documents for documents also in paper form.

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Driver Download

The order was made directly which was as usual fast there (<24 h) and it went straight to the setting up: cable purely in the Macbook and the device by means of "HP Easy Start" (on the CD or in the web available) begins. After 4 minutes, the first page came out and the printer was set up first. If one makes the device or connection to a WLAN (on the edge: it does not matter if 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz Wlan) MUST be activated on the router, the WPS push-button method while connecting the printer to the WLAN. Who does not, will always receive the indication that it does not work.

Overall, the printer is a pretty reasonable device and if you follow this step with the wireless, you can in less than 10 minutes (depending on your own Internet line because of the software / drivers) the printer already using mobile devices in the wireless. There is a point deduction for the frugal description (even the HP page gives no indication of the "WPS problem") and the mid-high price page. Anyone who has questions or comments about my review is welcome to post a comment or question in the comments section which I will definitely answer. I am very grateful for a "useful" - like to visit my other reviews and ask your questions there.