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Image IRUNNER-ADV C250i Printer Driver Download

Image IRUNNER-ADV C250i Printer Driver Although I can not scan via network, but USB works. This Canon iR-ADV C250i multifunction device is really a round thing, offers many possibilities and is absolutely unobtrusive even when not in use. Now and then he calibrates himself, which is only the case for a short time. Otherwise, I can only report good about this printer. On the technical data with the printing speed, etc.,

I will not go on here. I use it in the office and I am very happy with it. I can not understand the many negative reviews at all. Neither what the supposedly bad u. complicated installation concerns, nor the quality of the scans and printouts. As far as all goes well, but the automatic duplex feeder for scanning sometimes pulls in 2 pages at a time. Even if these pages are perfect and have no kinks or wrinkles. This could be for people who scan more often in a big negative point!

Canon iR-ADV C250i Driver Download

The day before yesterday my printer has problem, Windows announces the home network without replacement and my old printer is no longer really supported, it was enough for me. After a bit of searching, I ordered this printer here. Two days later the device was there.

  • Unpack
  • remove all films and tapes
  • turn on the power cord - switch on
  • Enter the key in the settings

And then I actually wanted to set it up as the default printer and scanner on all Windows machines, but, Canon iR-ADV C250i was already there on all Windows 10 machines. So really just remove the old devices, put the check mark on standard device. And that was it. The longest has taken the unpacking. Absolutely great. Crisp scans. I have not looked at print quality yet. But the decor alone was a dream. Absolute TOP!

IRUNNER-ADV C250i Printer Driver Download