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DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Printer Driver Download

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Printer Drivers. I have been looking for a label printer for shipping labels for a long time and came across Zebra at that time, which is however intended for the industry and is therefore also higher in the price segment. On Dymo's website, when I bought labels for my 450 Duo, I saw the LabelWriter 4 XL and decided to try this product, and in the worst case, I would return the device within 14 days. Ordered and delivered quickly. The box looked quite monotonous in contrast to my Dymo 450 Duo, but I do not evaluate any cardboard boxes but the printer. Unpacked and the starter labels inserted and with the power adapter to the power outlet. Since I had installed the software on my notebook, I had to connect the printer only once via USB and could proceed directly. After first printing, I was intrigued by how fast the printer actually prints and still has such a beautiful and perfect quality, although no ink / toner, but only the thermo process is used. The label was glued on a package and once tried to leave for testing and lo and behold, without getting any residue from the package, since the adhesive is quite strong. On the one hand, an advantage that manipulation is prevented, but a disadvantage that with false labels or returns one needs a little more time to replace the label including the backs.

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Driver Download

Since I send a lot of DHL and online buy my shipping labels, because this is cheaper in contrast to the business I had to configure the printer so that the shipping labels could be printed as DHL labels in DIN A4 format (1 half overview of the shipment and other side of the label) for printing. Thanks to the Adobe Reader you can under "Edit" and then "Create Snapshot" mark the label and print the label by pressing Ctrl + P. Works with DHL, Hermes, DPD, UPS and GLS. Even with the Amazon returns. My second tip: Connects the printer to the home network (router) via USB, so that the printer can be used via several computers without a USB connection. Advantage: Use of multiple computers, printer does not have to be nearby and no cable clutter on the computer. After more than 800 prints still the same quality. Support from Dymo is also perfect (warranty: send a printer over a return label and when scanning the transport company, a replacement device is already sent.). One can argue about the prices of the labels, I personally use the labels of a third party, because they also have an excellent quality and are cheaper. Conclusion: Perfect printer with low costs for everyone! If you liked the review, please leave a quick feedback with "yes" when asked "Was this review helpful to you?". Criticism, suggestions and improvements are welcome.

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Printer Driver Download