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Brother PT-P700 Printer Driver Download

Brother PT-P700 Printer Drivers. If you want to quickly and easily create labels, you should get the Brother P-touch P700. Simply connect the printer to a Windows PC or Mac OS and a drive will open from which you can start the Brother PT-Editor Lite software, create labels and print directly without any installation (including drivers).

Brother P-Touch P700. The printer is with its 78 x 152 x 143 (WxDxH) quite manageable and looks also chic. If you want you can even use it without power supply with 6 x AA batteries. The print resolution is 180 dpi and it creates 30 mm per second. Of course it has an automatic cutting unit and the following bandwidths 3.5 / 6/9/12/18 and 24 mm are supported.

Brother PT-P700 Driver Download

PT Editor Lite. The software PT-Editor Lite, which can be started by the printer directly without installation, is sufficient for most cases (including consecutive numbering). But if you want to start about two-dimensional barcodes, or a merge from Excel and Co., you can download and install the full version of the PT-Editor for free.

The bandwidth as well as the ink and ribbon color of the inserted cassette are automatically detected and displayed by the software. Laminated TZe tapes are also extremely durable and thanks to the back-belt printing of the P700, they wear the tapes and are resistant to heat, cold and a variety of chemicals, water and light. There are really many use cases for such labels and currently I label external hard disks for backups that are outsourced for the disaster case. So all in all a super printer and for little money as I think.

Brother PT-P700 Printer Driver Download