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Download Fujitsu fi-7030 Driver Scanner

Fujitsu fi-7030 Scanner Driver. This Fujitsu fi-7030 scanner is not only a new document scanner provided bye the Fujitsu subsidiary PFU with the fi-7030, but also a new accompanying software: »PaperStream Capture 1.5«. It is the first major update of the software, since the release of the 1.0 version in autumn 2013 . The scanner itself completes the fi-series at 27 pages per minute (54 images A4 duplex, portrait, color, 300 dpi) downwards. The machine is ideal for scanning mixed batches and can handle a wide range of documents, including embossed plastic cards. The Fujitsu fi-7030 scanner will switch from low power mode to fast with almost no delay. The paper feeder features ultrasonic sensors and a newly developed skew correction that protects even the most delicate documents. Brake rollers separate each document, avoiding paper jams. The consumables have a long life, Fujitsu specified for them up to 200,000 documents. According to Klaus Schulz, Senior Manager of Product Marketing EMEA at Fujitsu subsidiary PFU, the device is intended for distributed scan applications at government agencies and companies: »Smaller organizations have set out for the digital transformation here.

Fujitsu fi-7030 Driver Download

That's why there's an increased demand for entry-level solutions for distributed scanning. So much for the hardware. The more interesting and important thing, however, is the software. "PaperStream Capture 1.5" works with the touch-compatible interface, and should provide even more functionality than the previous version. This makes the scanner ideal for use in touch-to-scan environments. The new user interface optimizes the capture process and, above all, makes batch processing more efficient. (Shortly after the introduction of the fi-7030, the new paperstream software with the new functionalities will be available for all scanners of the fi Series.) General feature of Fujitsu's Paperstream Software Platform: As requirements change, such as volume, format, or throughput, additional scanners in this series can be integrated without the need to change capture processes or software routines. As a result, companies or government agencies can adopt enterprise-wide standards for collection processes for a variety of volumes and formats and from a single office office to the central post office.

Download Fujitsu fi-7030 Driver Scanner

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