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Download Canon DR-M160ii Driver Scanner

Canon DR-M160ii Scanner Driver. I am a perfectionist and have therefore tried all the software solutions I have found. Certainly every user has different requirements and preferences and therefore prefers a different software. I value efficiency for my daily work. I therefore count how many action steps are necessary for my work and how much memory is needed on the hard disk for a high scanning quality. My requirements are best fulfilled by all software products "CaputePerfect". The also enclosed and much advertised product "CaptureOnTouch" has to oppose that in my view, only one thing. It looks fancier and more modern. But that does not matter to me. In order to receive automatically searchable PDFs, a text recognition is necessary. Although Capture Perfect is constantly improving in this discipline, it is far from achieving the accuracy of the two market leaders, Abbyy (eg FineReader) or Nuance (eg Omnipage), and the picture quality is a good deal better. I read a lot of magazines. Eg the ct 'magazine. In order to read and store it digitally, I scan every issue.

Canon imageFORMULA DR-M160ii Driver Download

In recent years, I have optimized the process ever further. Meanwhile, I get a perfectly searchable PDF with about 200 pages in perfect 300dpi quality and a clickable table of contents in only 50MB. However, several programs are involved because each has different strengths and weaknesses. Trimming the magazine with a staple cutter 2. Scanning with "PerfectCapture" in 300dpi and high-quality Moire elimination. This is scanned with 600dpi, which the DRM-160II but very fast creates. Scanning quality 80%. Abbyy Hot Folder processes the scan and performs text recognition and creates bookmarks and the table of contents. Saved is uncompressed, because the software is not really good. Optimize with "Adobe Acrobat". Target Acrobat 6.x, minimal quality. The process can be very well scripten, so that everything runs automatically. It is therefore required only a little working time. There are several rather expensive software components in use, the result is a dream. Overall conclusion: Although I think the Canon DR-M160II not cheap, but Canon DR-M160ii manages to inspire me greatly.

Download Canon DR-M160ii Driver Scanner

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