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Download Ricoh SP C831DN Driver Printer

Ricoh SP C831DN Printer Driver. First impression: decent case quality, Ricoh SP C831DN launches with 15 seconds very fast (unlike the Canon with up to 2 minutes), black and white print quality very neat. Color print on plain paper as well. The colors are a little paler than on the template, maybe you can optimize something there about the settings. Photo printing can not be judged yet, because not done. Scanning works quickly and easily. Printer noise is not whisper quiet but not so that it should deter the purchase. Speed ​​for data transfer and printing are perfectly fine, I think the paper cassette, the Canon had not. Cartridge replacement advantageous on the front of this Ricoh SP C831DN, so it must not be folded up the document plate. Replacement cartridges are very cheap from other manufacturers. What I have not seen in the device description, but still exists: the lid can be raised at the hinge about 1.5 cm ,. so that the lid rests even with thicker scan / copy templates. Overall vs. the Canon a noticeable jump up, I have not regretted the purchase, at least until now. Since after 6 hours no long-term experience are possible, I tentatively give 4 stars. When installing (which is quite fixed), it should be noted that the printer is not immediately connected to the computer, so you should pay attention to the DINA 3 large leaflet with the installation steps.

Ricoh SP C831DN Driver Download

I have already read to someone else that Ricoh SP C831DN did not do that and subsequently had problems. Although I usually read no manuals, but in this case, it seems useful. Complement after a few weeks of use: A good impression has not changed, just a tip (which has given me a colleague and I think): Since the cartridges sit in front and the ink has to be somehow transported to the paper, that can only be over go a hose system. So that nothing dries, clogs, sticks or anything else, once a week make a test print. Photo print: I scanned a photo to test on the lady wearing a dress made of shimmering cloth. This shimmering in the fabric folds did not stand out on the photo print. So that does not seem to be one of the strengths. Color prints for eg school purposes, where it does not matter to the last detail, but are absolutely fine. However, if I want to print a photo that can also be hung on the wall, I go to the photo shop or the drugstore or wherever. Since the image quality is preserved over years rather than a self-printed image. At least I mean. So it remains with the 4 stars because of the (forgivable) weakness in photo printing, but overall a big recommendation.

Download Ricoh SP C831DN Driver Printer

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