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Download Fujitsu fi-6400 Driver Scanner

Fujitsu fi-6400 Scanner Driver. The Fujitsu fi-6400 color scanner with a speed of 85ppm (pages per minute), 170ipm (images per minute) both 200 and 300 dpi and 100 pages per minute and 200 images per minute, if we digitize the documents in landscape is the model of entry to the Fujitsu High Production Range. It has a system of paper drag of double set of rollers at the entrance of the scanner making more efficient the entry of documents, especially those that have a fold in the center, such as documents that are stuffed in envelopes (although Stretches are not completely flat). The fi-6400 has an LCD display that allows you to view all the settings of the scanner. Among other options, it informs us of: all the maintenance tests that must be done to the scanner, the batch counters of each job, it allows to show all the profiles created with PaperStream Capture. It includes the Paper Protection system that consists of an electronic sensor that prevents paper from folding inside the scanner and thus avoiding breakage and jamming inside the scanner. Reversible feeding System that detects if the paper tries to enter the scanner in a messy way. This sensor changes the direction of rotation of the rollers to remove the paper that tries to pass in a disorderly manner, ensuring the correct feeding of the batch. Standard Ultrasound and Intelligent Ultrasound.

Fujitsu fi-6400 Driver Download

The Fujitsu fi-6400 has 3 ultrasound sensors that detect when two or more documents try to pass through the scanner at the same time. Intelligent ultrasound allows the storage of patterns such as stickers, stamps, photographs, and that can appear on paper and that with a standard ultrasound are detected as a double feed. Independent fixed guides. The input tray of the fi-6400 has independent guides to facilitate, above all, the feeding of small papers, such as tickets, etc., avoiding turns inside the scanner. The output speed of the paper is automatically adjusted according to the size of the paper, guaranteeing its perfect placement without having to reposition the papers manually, no matter how heterogeneous the batch is. This is very useful when working with batches of paper of different sizes because it allows you to take the batch out of the scanner and staple it directly if necessary. The fi-6400 allows you to optionally work with a PostImprinter (anveso) or PostImprinter (reverse), to print an alphanumeric code after scanning either on the front or on the back of the document to have the information cataloged. The fi-6400 includes the PaperStream IP (Twain and Isis) drivers, 2D Barcode for PaperStream, Software Operation Panel, PaperStream Capture and the Scanner Central Admin to manage all Fujitsu scanners connected to the same network.

Download Fujitsu fi-6400 Driver Scanner