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Download Xerox WorkCentre 4265 Driver Printer

Xerox WorkCentre 4265 Printer Driver. First of all, I would like to mention and of course you can see it in the 4 stars that, all in all, I am quite satisfied with my choice. I was looking for a printer that prints cleanly (I print only black and white) and can also scan. I run the Xerox WorkCentre 4265 printer on an Windows PC. Everything works perfectly, yes except for a function whose 100% functionality I somehow not quite bring to a halt. I am technically not unversiert, however I get a function not completely, the Scan to Pc function. What happens: I put a document in the feeder, select Scan to PC, then it works, or not. I do not know why it may be that times it works and sometimes it does not seem to find the computer. If it finds it, faultless, if not, then annoying and I have to do it through the software.

Xerox WorkCentre 4265 Driver Download

Since I assume that it is probably a setting that I have not found so far, I deduct a half star for this.  Now you may ask why I do not round up at the stars, that's because I deduct half a star. Reason is the following: I thought it is a completely closed drawer where the paper is housed protected, unfortunately this is not the case, the paper looks out the back of the printer. Neither in the photos nor in the description, I found something for this. Therefore only smooth 4 stars.  All in all, but still a thumbs up, should someone know here how I can possibly solve the scan problem, always with suggestions. Xerox WorkCentre 4265 driver installation very simple, it is clearly illustrated in the instructions. Have the DVD installed, which was attached to the printer. The LAN function was easy to install. I did not install fax because I do not need it. Must also send me to the scanning and pdf to computer, incorporate. Sharp, very clear print. The display is almost self-explanatory, you just have to go through it completely. For me, the color was a buying reason, the light gray with the little bit of blue is inconspicuous. Xerox WorkCentre 4265 is a great device for the price. And since I can adjust toner saving, the consumption is also economical.

Download Xerox WorkCentre 4265 Driver Printer

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