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Download Xerox DocuMate 3640 Driver Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 3640 Scanner Driver. The Xerox DocuMate 3640 withsome documents were still fast to the tax adviser, which was fax. Device ordered, delivered the next day. Half an hour later everything was sent. I'm technically absolutely untalented, but was surprised how easy everything went. The driver was found immediately without me having to insert a CD. The menu navigation in the quick menu is self-explanatory, and a detailed German manual is automatically installed. The scanning process is completely fixed, within 2 minutes 7 scanned pages were pretty bundled to a PDF file. Personally, I only need scans of documents or IDs. For more, the 2,400 x 4800 dpi is not enough. Photos are rendered very pixelated. Who needs it, should resort to the stronger version or another device. I did not expect any more and am completely satisfied. What should I say buy is Window 10 compatible, the scan goes fast and is good for the average consumer only to recommend, you can not do wrong.

Xerox DocuMate 3640 Driver Download

Important when buying do not use the supplied CD for software/drivers, but just about the the current software/drivers install especially for Window 10 users otherwise nothing works, but that should not be a problem even for beginners to handle well. Unfortunately, it comes with me again and again to the error that the USB port was removed which of course is not the case. On some days the error does not occur at all, at other times with every second scan. Unfortunately, the scanner is almost useless. Correction: After updating the driver, the scanner now works smoothly. After some initial anger, I correct my rating to four points. A quality improvement over the model Xerox DocuMate 3640 scanner. The user menu offers some options for individual work. It remains to be seen whether - despite the dust cover - dust particles will fall under the glass again and affect the scan results. I'm glad to have replaced the older device for this new one. The longevity will have to prove itself over time.

Download Xerox DocuMate 3640 Driver Scanner

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