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Download Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Driver Scanner

Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Scanner Driver. The Kodak ScanMate i1190WN is a modern office has changed dramatically with the use of laptops, mobile devices and Wi-Fi access. All of us are now so flexible that we can work from anywhere and in the way we want. Thanks to wireless technology, this change now also reaches the scanner area. This means that you can replace the stationary scanners that you have used up to now that are connected to PCs and can therefore only be used by one user. Just take the new i1190WN WLAN scanner with you to the customer. Then you can scan needed documents on-the-spot on your mobile device, speeding up the workflow. It is also possible to share the scanner with many other users. For example, if there is little space available or if you work in an open-plan office. Welcome to a new world where you can look forward to flexible, versatile, cost-effective, convenient and stress-free scanning.

Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Driver Download

The new Wi-Fi and network-based Kodak ScanMate i1190WN scanner helps any business to simplify processes and increase efficiency. With Smart Touch technology, you can perform up to nine different scanning tasks at the touch of a button including creating PDF files, attaching them documents to emails, organizing them into folders, or sending them to cloud services. Users can easily see the scan application on the display choose. Custom names and colored icons make the scanner very easy to use. Use the app to locate an Kodak ScanMate i1190WN wireless scanner nearby, insert documents, and press the scan button. The scanned image will then be displayed on your device. You can e-mail it, upload it to an app, or save it to your device.

Download Kodak ScanMate i1190WN Driver Scanner

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