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Download Kodak i3500 Driver Scanner

Kodak i3500 Scanner Driver. The compact Kodak i3500 Scanner saves space on the desk with its small footprint and saves time by automating repetitive tasks. In addition, it creates crisp, clear images and easy-to-read text right from the first scan. This completes your scanning tasks in no time at all. And you can return to your actual work. Using the Kodak Smart Touch feature, this Kodak i3500 instantly transports key business documents into your information network. This is possible because Smart Touch will do the job for you. Multi-step scanning, processing, and sending data are automated and done for you. At the touch of a button, Smart Touch helps you create email attachments, image files, searchable PDFs, and more. It can also save documents or send them to the cloud. For example, if a company has set their passport card scanning option 2, an employee will only need to select "2" on the scanner display.

Kodak i3500 Driver Download

The badge will then be scanned, processed and your image will be sent to the appropriate location and automatically. The Kodak i3500 Scanner. Small but extremely powerful. This will free up your desk and get you done faster. Kodak i3500 is a workstation scanner that turns paper into digital images at a rapid rate. With 20 sheets a minute, he scans almost everything, business cards, pictures, invoices, contracts, etc. And scans the front and back in a single scan without turning the page. I also think it's great that the price already includes a 3 year warranty. I highly recommend this Kodak i3500 scanner.

Download Kodak i3500 Driver Scanner

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