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Download Plustek SecureScan X50 Driver Scanner

Plustek SecureScan X50 Scanner Driver. Plustek 1986 scanner company founded in Taiwan, starting from the foundry, all the way to accumulate experience in image processing, to a decade ago to start step by step to build its own brand. Mainly for the development of commercial products, in addition to the common file scanner, as well as special books, film, document scanners, product line covers a very complete range. Speaking of the wide range of lean technologies sold in the world, and even in the special field of scanning a place, but not known to the public, can be called almost invisible light of Taiwan. In order to increase the irreplaceability, Lean Technologies offers a complete solution in addition to providing a dedicated scanner hardware.

Plustek SecureScan X50 Driver Download

In other words, the current models strive to "one-click" to complete a variety of common user needs, stressing that from scanning, identifying a full set of management services, in the hardware to provide more added value, but also the beginning of lean The main line of own-brand management. Plustek SecureScan X50 has automatic scanning when a document is detected Automatic recognition of document sizes for identification cards or passports High resolution 500dpi 2 types of wave radiation: visible and IR (infrared) Set of software for recognition of MSZ USB connection Saving to BMP and JPEG soon on sale Output of results in formats: txt, XML, CSV and QR code Optical resolution 5 megapixels TD1 (85.6 x 54mm) Readable documents TD2 (105 x 74mm) MRP (125 x 88mm) MRV Scan mode White light Infrared Output resolution 300dpi / 400dpi / 500dpi / 600dpi area of ​​scanning.

Download Plustek SecureScan X50 Driver Scanner

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