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Panasonic KX-MB3010 Driver Printer

Panasonic KX-MB3010 Printer Driver. I have the Panasonic KX-MB3010 via LAN in the network and always give the fixed devices fixed IP addresses (no DHPC). With the attitudes I had seen with an eye that with DNS the entry "DNS server of DHCP use" is preselected. Later I wanted to set and test one of the usual time servers. However, this always resulted in a nonspecific error message. It was not until the manual "Command Center RX" that led me to note that you have to enter a valid DNS server by name when specifying a time server. So I first had to explicitly define a DNS server in the network settings, then went the time server without problems. This could solve Panasonic quite better, other devices use the default gateway as the default for the DNS. I have specially set up a Samba share for storing the scans and thought that I would make it particularly easy if I set up this share, which is anyway only for temporary storage, without access protection. Unfortunately, the access of the M5526cdw did not work until I came up with the idea to specify username and password (actually unnecessary). In my case (unprotected directory) it works with any combination. You have to come to that first. Since I'm too lazy to enter fax numbers on the device, I do that on the PC via the web interface. For testing, I had created a number, but no fax could be sent. The device has made three dialing attempts, but without these would have been seen in the router. I came to the conclusion that a hyphen (separation by extension) in the number makes the problem. Without the hyphen it worked without any problems. Panasonic could solve this even better, for example by prohibiting the hyphen in the input, automatically filtering out or simply output a speaking error message when shipping.

Panasonic KX-MB3010 Driver Download

As reported in many other reviews, I also have these clicking sounds. Yes, you can suppress this by adjusting the standby settings, but then increases the power consumption of my measurement of 0.03 kWh to 0.72 kWh. This is not acceptable to me, because I prefer to bear the click. I am very satisfied with the Panasonic KX-MB3010 functionality. Print and scan quality is very good. Printing from mobile devices (iOS, Android) works fine. I'm still thrilled with the possibility of being able to scan double-sided with absolute ease, especially as a PDF comes out, which is easily accessible either via e-mail or Samba. This was much more complicated with the old Brother machine. Very nice, I also find the ability to query status parameters of the printer (toner quantity, number of print or scan jobs) via web interface. I have integrated these in my little monitoring, so I get a warning when, for example, the toner is running low. Conclusion: I am very satisfied with the device and my choice. However, the device is a bit tricky, a layman could get big problems here. After that is overcome, the Panasonic KX-MB3010 works but perfectly. Only the click disturbs something else. Because of the tricky setup and the click I have to deduct a total of one star. Here Panasonic should definitely improve. Despite everything, I can recommend the device in any case.

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