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Download NeatConnect Driver Scanner

NeatConnect Scanner Driver. I use the NeatConnect scanner in the home office as a teacher on the Mac. Perfect. Even scanning directly to USB no problem. I sort my scans in DevonThink Pro, but scan via MacAppStore PDF scanner that does it all perfectly (Duplex, OCR, Cropping, Rotate & Order). I create in a matter of seconds searchable PDFs, which can be found immediately with my database. For private and smaller jobs, it is certainly the most attractively priced scanner on the market. Runs perfectly under High Sierra. This NeatConnect scanner is totally easy to use: insert paper stack, press a button, and in zero-point is a searchable pdf document on my PC. Scans double-sided in one pass, color or b/w  and scans receipts, newspaper articles, Business cards and of course normal papers. The attached software has spooky user interfaces, but I rarely get in touch with them. After the purchase for the office, I will get a second device for home. Great price, performance ratio, if you have the quality settings out, great results. Unfortunately, few options and some settings do not respond. I was looking for a document scanner that works on Mac. NeatConnect provides drivers for all popular Mac OS X. Operating the scanner on Apple Stretch does not cause me any problems. With the help of the software gsan2pdf, documents can be easily scanned in and, at the same time, the Tesseract software can perform text recognition so that the PDF document can be searched. What does not work is to start the scan by pressing the Scan button on the scanner.

NeatConnect Software Driver Download

This only works when scanning if a USB stick is plugged in and the documents are stored on it. The NeatConnect scanner works largely trouble-free, if the paper is inserted neatly, stapled paper is stapled and care is taken that leaves no longer hang together. A load of about 50 sheets runs through quickly. Unfortunately, the paper tray where the scanned sheets arrive is not really designed for large quantities of wrinkled paper. It often happens that already filed sheets of new arrivals are pushed out of the box, especially kinked mail. The NeatConnect scanner has some problems with coated paper, which often leads to paper jams. I was convinced by the scanner result and the duplex function, a real relief for the medium-sized company. Unfortunately not networkable, therefore usable only at one workstation (if enabled), but by assigning a storage location of the document on the server can access each employee in the end. There were no problems with the installation on Windows 10 64-bit. There are no drivers on the supplied CD, but a trouble-free download is available on the manufacturer's homepage.

Download NeatConnect Driver Scanner

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