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Download HP Deskjet 2549 Driver Printer

HP Deskjet 2549 Printer Driver. Quite attractive is the purchase price of the small HP multifunction printer HP Deskjet 2549 and it can be quite the equipment look. WLAN, Airprint, Scan and actually everything you need. But where is the catch? It reminds one of the times when big electronic markets advertised with absolute cheap printers. And as soon as the first cartridge change was due, you paid a multiple of the purchase price. Whether this is also the case and whether the printer rather a bargain or rather a wrong beautifully calculated product, you will learn in this review. The equipment level is - as already mentioned - quite good. For around 60 € (price when writing our test report) you get a full-fledged multifunction printer with scanner and copy function. In addition to the USB port, the printer can also be controlled directly via WLAN. Especially praiseworthy: Also AirPrint is supported, so owners of modern Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) can print wirelessly and without drivers directly on this HP Deskjet 2549 printer. This makes the device particularly flexible. The very compact device can be placed anywhere where Wi-Fi reception prevails and a power outlet is not too far away. Yes, the equipment is good, but what about the use. A value that is not particularly outstanding is the print speed. Just 7 pages per minute in b / w and only 4 pages in color creates the printer. If you frequently print several pages, you have to wait a long time. But that's not all: only 60 sheets of paper hold the open paper tray, which is located on the back of the printer. So it's pretty clear who the printer's target group is: users who print very seldom.

HP Deskjet 2549 Driver Download

You can overlook a mediocre speed if you save money when you buy it. But if you save money on the purchase, so that you can spend it afterwards for cartridges, you have not saved, but only proved that you can not count. Thus, there is the exciting question of the maintenance costs for a load of cartridges. The standard HP cartridge 301 black holds just 190 pages. At a street price of around € 12.50, this results in horrendous side costs of 6.6 cents. A multiple of the "slightly more expensive" printers of the competition and also the competition from the own house. If you buy the XL cartridge from HP, you get around 480 pages at a street price of about 21 €. This corresponds to page costs of around 4.4 cents. Still not cheaper, but at least more acceptable. The HP Deskjet 2549 color cartridges do not look much better. It should be noted as a negative that there are no single cartridges for the different colors, but only one CMY total cartridge. This means that the entire cartridge must be disposed of as soon as the first color is empty. So if you do not print evenly across all colors, you'll pay for it again.

Download HP Deskjet 2549 Driver Printer