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Download Lexmark XC6152 Driver Printer

Lexmark XC6152 Printer Driver. This Lexmark XC6152 printer delivers satisfactory results in all disciplines and is extremely compact. Typeface and scan results are good, but the ADF works a bit slower than, for example, Canon devices. Although the extremely small footprint also has disadvantages, the protruding, open paper cassette and the nested built-in toner, which makes a quick change impossible, but these are compromises that you have to accept due to the design. On the other hand, the rather noisy operation is a little annoying, especially when calibrating before printing the first page. Nevertheless, the Lexmark XC6152 in particular for office use and unreservedly recommended. I use it in the office and especially appreciate the compactness with good quality. The Lexmark XC6152 has very compact dimensions and thus fits not only in many desk corners, but possibly also as with me under the desk. There is also an automatic paper feed available, so that not every copy or scan the door must be opened and closed. The control panel is usually flat on the device, but it can also be tilted slightly to allow easier operation of the buttons from above. If you do not use it, after a few minutes (about 10) the device automatically switches to energy-saving mode.

Lexmark XC6152 Driver Download

The scanning function is very easy to use, especially as there is a corresponding icon on the screen, via which you come directly to the function. The first black cartridge I have already through, has been for just under 1,100 pages (measure Lexmark were 1,200) it was, however, almost consistently pages that were heavily printed, so for me already alright. The Lexmark XC6152 color printing performance is also very good, as is the printing speed. Also, the change of color cartridges is easy, as you can use a corresponding button on the panel, the color cartridge, which is to be changed, can select and then automatically moves into the change position. Since most of the black cartridge is due, this cartridge shaft is automatically selected so that when you open the flap, the black cartridge is already ready. A duplex function is missing (unfortunately). The laser printing has the great advantage that the color no longer smear when, after printing in the text z. B. individual passages must be marked with marker. For me it is clear with this machine that the age of the inkjet printer is finally passé. Who uses this Lexmark XC6152 printer privately, so no large paper or print quantities needed, is just right.

Download Lexmark XC6152 Driver Printer

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