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Download Lexmark MX912de Driver Printer

Lexmark MX912de Printer Driver. For my company, I was looking for a multifunctional device that meets our requirements in terms of quality and, above all, speed. After some bad purchases and thus bad investments I decided on this Lexmark MX912de. The device is WLAN capable, so that up to 10 workstations can use the device, which is very accommodating to me. The manufacturer has a 500-sheet cassette with it, optionally an additional 500-sheet cassette can be installed, which can only be recommended if you work with different DIN formats. Although it is not the cheapest device on the market, in our experience, it is worth the price. Every day I print around 100 pages at once. The device has a very short warm-up period, which has shortened the waiting times on the pages extremely. It is a pity that only black can be printed white.

Lexmark MX912de Driver Download

However, if you print more than 100 pages in succession, a cooling phase will come on, so you will have to wait a few minutes for the pressure to continue. The Lexmark MX912de print quality is good. One should be careful, if you do not want to use original Lexmark toner, that Rebuilt products are really clean and dense, otherwise you get the mess not clean again. However, the Lexmark MX912de will not accept original Lexmark toner without any problem. The scanning/copying runs smoothly with us, however, the paper sides must be absolutely smooth, which does not come to a paper jam. The PC to fax works perfectly, including address book management. The Lexmark MX912de quality and speed of the device is very good, even if the price at first glance is a deterrent. If you are looking for a real "workhorse" as a multi-device, this Lexmark MX912de has a reliable device at your side.

Download Lexmark MX912de Driver Printer

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