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Download HP OfficeJet 3834 Driver Printer

HP OfficeJet 3834 Printer Driver. We had already had the opportunity to meet the Ink Advantage series of HP's "lungs", and their main feature is the double the capacity of ink cartridges compared to the previous models. Of course, this approach is no longer a novelty because virtually all ink-jet printers have included in their offer cartridges of greater capacity for less money, because they have to deal with compatible Chinese replacements, which obviously took over too much of the cake. The model we have on the test falls into all the well-known DeskJet series, and comes under the label HP OfficeJet 3834, which, considering the traditional HP's numbering, places it in the lower segment of the device. HP OfficeJet 3834 is a multifunctional printer, and in addition to the default scanning and photocopying capabilities, there is a function of sending and receiving faxes. Material savings on this model are more than obvious, from a relatively inexhaustible and impersonal design, to a selection of plastics that is of a rather poor quality, and the moving parts are twisted and bent when handling far more than even the cheapest devices are accustomed to.

When it comes to paper handling, the input footprint is a capacity of a modest 60 sheets, while at the output it can accept a maximum of 25, which clearly indicates that this is a device that is not intended for those who print in large quantities. We were somewhat surprised by the possibility of wirelessly connecting this printer, either with a computer or for direct printing from mobile phones or tablets, which is not a feature that we usually pinch on the most basic models. In order to make navigation easier and easier to navigate with the device menu, HP opted for a small monochrome display that also unexpectedly responds to the touch, so that only physical keys are present to start the device, and besides it, and the Wi-Fi signal light on the other elements in the control There is no panel.

HP OfficeJet 3834 Driver Download

The HP OfficeJet 3834 print speed is just slightly below that, the standard print quality allows five pages of A4 paper per minute, while for those who are rushing there is a draft mode that can pull up to a solid 11 sheets per minute. The quality of the printed text is good, even in draftmode. Apart from a bit of frustration, there is no visible loss of dimming and full of letters, so that black and white documents work in all regimes well. Color printing, on the other hand, gives the results of a variable usable value depending on what and on what is printed - plain paper gives relatively unpalatable colors, which is already a traditional problem with HP. The charts on somewhat better paper are already appealing, they are good saturated and quite adequate for the printing of less demanding brochures and similar documents. However, in the case of real photo printing, the lower quality compared to the competition is more than noticeable, so the use of special types of paper is imperative.

This HP OfficeJet 3834 contains two cartridges, labels 652 which provide about 360 prints for black-and-white printing and about 200 pages in color. Although this is twice as much as what was obtained from HP's printers by a year ago, this is still very small, and it's evident that this device, although it is designed for offices, can only serve those who have greatly switched to e-commerce and paper form only used sporadically. The price of this device is not yet known for our market, but abroad it is around 100 euros. HP has made an interesting move because, for relatively little money, it has managed to offer a printer, scanner, fax, ADF, as well as a wireless connection in one device, which most devices of this class can not boast of. These options came at the cost of cheaper materials used to make the device, as well as the modest print capacity, and the story is relatively clear and if you need functionality, but you do not actually print a lot, this device can be a completely adequate solution. However, if you have a larger volume of print, look for a more robust model.

Download HP OfficeJet 3834 Driver Printer

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