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Lexmark Interpret S408 Driver Printer

Lexmark Interpret S408 Printer Driver. I installed the printer with 3 computers (1 x Vista, 2 x Windows 7 64 Bit, initially 1 x Windows XP). The installation is complex, especially with a protected Wlan. So at the first time one should take at least an hour time and above all not be misled by repeated error messages. The software tries to download updates during the installation, which failed me with many attempts on all computers miserably. The normal installation was synonymous so far in order. The scanning function over the network is extremely capricious and always forgets what it is actually there; under Vista it does not run at all. Printouts remain sporadic and can only be fixed by restarting the printer and computer. I then complained to the hotline by email and got within a few days an exact installation instructions. I have a free evening meticulously held on it and me the drivers of the touchpad of my notebook shots (with the notebook manufacturer I have downloaded it and re-installed). The total expenditure was 1 1/2 hours and had no positive effects. Conclusion: The cartridges are very expensive and only mediocre and Lexmark Interpret S408 driver software is full of errors and can not be improved by updates. I do not buy new cartridges but a new printer whose company logo is certainly not called Lexmark.

Lexmark Interpret S408 Driver Download

The Lexmark Interpret S408 printer is noisy, works cheap, starting is unacceptably long and the software does not seem mature. Sometimes the window of the printer start page freezes or crashes completely, although software and firmware are up-to-date. In principle, the quality of the printouts is appropriate with regard to the price. However, after a week, the printer began to smear and produce color-proof prints. I took all measures according to the manual and the service to resolve the problem. An improvement remained, especially since the service of Lexmark to leave much to be desired. In summary, I have to say that the use of the device was inconvenient from the beginning and that the device in the sum of its characteristics is inadequate and not recommendable.

Download Lexmark Interpret S408 Driver Printer

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